Our Approach

Poccadio Moroccan Grill & Gourmet Sandwiches is Indianapolis’s first ever Moroccan-style sandwich eatery where patrons may design their sandwich, salad, or Moroccan plate (or select one of Poccadio’s signature preparations) from a bountiful selection of fresh ingredients and enjoy a fresh and healthy alternative to fast food in a relaxed and casual Moroccan atmosphere.

The Poccadio Story

Poccadio is a Moroccan word for Mediterranean “fast food”, or more specifically, fresh food preparation –and refers to mostly sandwiches – made to order and taken ‘to go’. Poccadio Moroccan Grill & Gourmet Sandwiches is a place in which healthy and fresh, all-natural, whole food ingredients are expediently prepared for guests who may dine in or carry-out … a place where wholesome and nutritious foods are made quickly available to the health conscious consumer ‘on the go’… a convenient and healthy alternative to traditional “fast food”.

Poccadio features made-to-order Moroccan style sandwiches with many different choices of fresh meats, Moroccan chicken salad, Moroccan tuna salad; as well as several vegetarian sandwich options – all to be served atop house baked breads or pita, with choices of traditional sauces and dressings along with a vast array of fresh toppings available (all of which are presented behind glass to be viewed and selected by guests).

Guests may design their own salads by selecting their ingredients : meat choices (same as sandwiches), toppings, and dressings.

Guests may also choose Moroccan plates of char-grilled fish, shawarma, grilled chicken, or kafta ; which are all served with guests’ choices of two sides : saffron rice, roasted red potatoes, medley of seasonal vegetables (steamed broccoli/carrots/zucchini or char-grilled zucchini/red pepper/onion), hummus, bakoula (traditional Moroccan spinach spread), zaalouk (traditional Moroccan eggplant spread), house side salad, Fatima Salad (traditional Moroccan creamy rice and corn), and Moroccan potato salad, Moroccan carrots.

***All sides are offered a la carte as well.
Traditional Moroccan soup will be available a la carte or as an add-on to salads and sandwiches : Harrira – tomato-cilantro soup with saffron rice and chickpeas.

Guests of Poccadio must first pick their “base” – Sandwich, Salad, or Plate (such as grilled chicken plate, fish plate, shawarma plate, or kafta plate; each includes 2 side items). Guests ordering sandwiches and salads may select their toppings whereas guests ordering Moroccan plates must select their side items.

Great Healthy Choices

Vegan Meals

We provide vegan meal options as well

Gluten Free

We pride ourselves on being a Gluten Free Option

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